Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Welcome to Cunnilingus 101: The Art and Science of Eating Pussy

This guide will help you to understand the basic principles to performing oral sex on women and develop the ability to blow your girl's fucking mind. The material was written with the male audience in mind, but women can benefit as well. Hopefully the ladies reading this will offer their input and advice.

Eating pussy is both an art and a science, similar to how cooking is often described as both an art and a science. The science of eating pussy is understanding a woman's anatomy, physiology, and psychology. That is, understanding her body parts and how they work, how she responds to touch and how her mind works. Art is a creative process. So the art of eating pussy is how you use that knowledge and your skills to create her experience.

Eating pussy really isn't that hard and anyone can learn how to give a women mind blowing oral sex, but not everyone has the ability to execute can do it exceptionally well. Here are some of the reasons why:
  • Some men have an aversion to eating pussy and will never eat pussy.
  • Some men have a poor attitude toward eating pussy. He'll just go through the motions without expressing passion and enthusiasm. His weak performance demonstrates that he's just not really into it. As a result, her experience is mediocre at best. 
  • Some men have a quid pro quo attitude toward oral sex. He gives with an expectation of reciprocation. Sometimes he may give if he feels obligated to return the favor. And the scale is often tilted more toward attending to his own pleasure rather than hers.
  • Some men think eating pussy is foreplay...just give her kitty a few licks and she's good to go.
  • Some men have great intentions and an amazing attitude toward eating pussy, but they lack the focus and discipline needed to complete their performance. His jaw is getting tired, he's getting bored and his mind begins to wander. He begins to think about attending to his own pleasure and fails to finish what he had started.
  • Some men just don't listen to their woman
Conceptually, eating pussy is very easy to do, but doing it well requires a lot of discipline and focus. If you've a positive attitude toward eating pussy and you have the ability to concentrate your efforts on attending to your partner's pleasure, then you can become an exceptionally good pussy eater.

Cunnilingus 101 will teach you:
  • Safer Sex Practices (under construction) - How STD's and STI's are transmitted and how to protect yourself and your partner
  • Her Anatomy (under construction) - Understanding her body and her sexuality
  • Personal Hygiene - Grooming practices that will enhance her experience
  • The Seven A's - Fundamental elements to giving women a mind blowing experience
  • Mechanics - Tongue Techniques and Positions
  • Games & Other Ideas - Tips that will bring your performance to a whole new level
If you’re here, then you’re probably motivated, so let’s get started. Please folow the menu up top to navigate though each section.