Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Welcome to Cunnilingus 101: The Art and Science of Eating Pussy

Eating pussy is both an art and a science, similar to how cooking is often described as both an art and a science. The science of eating pussy is understanding her anatomy, physiology, and psychology. That is, understanding her body parts and how they work, how she responds to various stimuli and how her mind works. Art is a creative process. So the art of eating pussy is how you use your knowledge and skills to create her experience.

This site is intended to help you enhance a woman's experience as you're performing oral sex on her. This material was written with the male audience in mind, but women can benefit as well. I encourage the female readers to please offer their insight, advice and criticism. Your feedback is very much appreciated and greatly valued. After all, this is a topic in which you ladies are the true experts while we men are merely your students.

My approach to teaching you how to eat pussy is a lot different than much of the other content you'll find on-line. A lot of other websites quickly focus on the mechanics, i.e., tongue technique, positioning and etc. While tongue technique is extremely important, having her pussy eating is a sensory experience for women. But it's not limited to the feel of a tongue that she senses between her legs. Her total experience involves all her senses and what she's experiencing throughout her entire body. The ability to stimulate all her senses and connect with her mentally, physically and emotionally will heighten her pleasure and bring her experience to a whole new level.

Conceptually, eating pussy really isn't that hard and anyone can learn how to give a woman mind blowing oral sex. But not everyone has the natural appetite to perform such a deviant and arduous activity for an extended period of time. Doing it well requires a lot of willingness, discipline and focus. If you're comfortable making oral contact with the part of the body she urinates from, if you possess a positive attitude toward tasting her her cervical mucus, and if you have the discipline to remain focused on her gratification, then you will become an exceptionally good pussy eater.

Cunnilingus 101 will discuss:
  • Personal Hygiene - It's not just about your feeling comfortable with her personal hygiene. Your personal hygiene and good grooming habits are also very important and will help keep her pussy clean and healthy, while enhancing her experience
  • The Seven A's - These seven concepts will help create a more powerful connection between you and your woman and enhance her experience while you're eating her out
  • Mechanics - Tongue techniques and positions
  • Games & Other Ideas - Tips that will prevent your routine from becoming predictable and boring, which will keep her anticipating and fantasizing about the next time you'll be going down on her
  • Overcoming Aversions  - Reasons why men won't eat pussy, ideas on how to overcome these aversions and tips to help men become more enthusiastic pussy eaters
  •  Stories - My experiences with some of the most memorable women I have ever had the pleasure of eating out. Please feel free to share your stories in the comments.

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