The Seven A's

Fundamental Elements to Eating Pussy

Giving a woman mind blowing oral involves more that just good tongue technique. There are several fundamental elements to eating pussy that I call The Seven A’s.

The Seven A's:

1) Atmosphere:

Having her pussy eaten is a sensory experience for women, involving all her senses. Senses are the physiological capacities that provide inputs for the perception of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Her experience is affected by how she perceives the environment around her, i.e., the atmosphere.

Her experience will be impaired if she’s worrying about whose going to walk in; thinking about that stain on the ceiling; wondering why you’re such a slob and have dirty dishes and empty pizza boxes lying around; staring at photos of ex girlfriends; distracted by the TV and ringing phone; annoyed by loud noises outside; and etc.

The atmosphere needs to be conducive to her ability to relax and surrender herself to the experience. A tidy well kept home, clean sheets, soft lighting, sensual scents, romantic music and a glass of her favorite wine will aid in creating that easy environment, allowing her to become even more aware of her senses and every little thing you do to her. By stimulating each of her senses in a pleasurable way, you’re waking them up and you’re tuning her in. Basically, you're making her more receptive to other pleasurable inputs.

A lot of times atmosphere is neglected when there are unexpected opportunities to eat pussy. Still there are always a few little things you can do to contribute to the environment and to enhance her experience.

Oh! And turn of the television.

2) Attitude:

A positive attitude toward eating pussy is the most important element to giving a woman a mind blowing experience. And with the right attitude, you will inherently have the motivation to become an exceptionally talented pussy eater.

Having her pussy eaten is a sensory experience for women. You need to express enthusiasm and passion when eating your girl out, otherwise she'll sense you're not truly into it. How do you think she'll feel if you're just going through the motions and giving her a mediocre performance? It's a huge turn-off for her and she may begin to feel self conscience and wonder what's wrong with herself.

Eating pussy is entirely about the woman. Everything you do and say should be done to stimulate her senses and to enhance her experience. Every ounce of your energy should be devoted to attending to her needs and desires and satisfying her. She'll notice even the smallest most insignificant gesture or detail and the fact that you did it for her will make her feel more special and desirable.

You don't go down on your woman because you expect reciprocation or feel you owe her something in return. You eat her out because you want to. And you want to because you absolutely love it. And you love it because she loves it. Your desire is to unselfishly pleasure her to the best of your ability. It's all about her and only about her, nothing else in the world matters. Your pleasure is the amazing feeling of knowing that you’re servicing her to the best of your ability and giving her pleasure...tasting her taste, smelling her scent, watching the passion in her eyes, listening to the sounds she makes and feeling her body grind against your face until she erupts in your mouth.

3) Arousal:

Having her pussy eaten is a sensory experience for women which begins even before you eat her out. She needs to feel aroused, special, beautiful, loved and desired.

Contrary to popular belief among men, eating pussy is not foreplay. A woman needs to feel mentally and physically aroused before sexual stimulation and this is even more true before eating her out. You can't just dive in like a starving animal. That may sometimes work for some women, but not usually. If she is not mentally, emotionally and physically "Ready," then she can easily become over stimulated, which will ruin her experience.

A woman has twice as many nerve endings in her tiny little clit than a man does in the entire shaft of his penis. And she’s got an abundance of nerve endings within the opening of her vagina and at her g-spot. If you begin stimulating her before she's ready, she may be capable of cumming in your mouth only once, if at all. She may even find the experience unpleasant and uncomfortable or even painful.

Having her pussy eaten is a sensory experience for women involving the sensation of touch that she feels throughout her entire body, before you even begin to eat her out. A woman's biggest sex organ is her skin. She's got erogenous zones throughout her entire body. You should "Invest" at least 30 to 60 minutes savoring the taste, scent, and feel of her body, from her fingertips to her lips and from her nose to her toes...licking, sucking, tasting and touching every inch of her flesh. Your dessert needs to marinate for awhile and the longer the better. You need to arouse her with words too. Tell her know how beautiful and desirable she is and how you can't wait to eat her out.

You can tease her a bit and test her readiness with slow light stimulation. Take a long slow gentle lick upward starting at her perineum, slowly bury your tongue deep inside her then continue up to her clit. You can carefully use your fingers to test her wetness and to feel for her g-spot. She's not ready until she's sloppy wet, her clit is swollen, her g-spot is engorged and she can no longer stand the agony of waiting. The longer she waits the better it will be for both of you. But once she grabs you by the hair, pulls your face deeper into her paradise and begs you not to stop, then it's time to stop the teasing and give her what she wants.

Just remember: Men are like pressure cookers and women are like crock pots. Men quickly build up their sexual arousal and rapidly explode to orgasm concentrated toward their center. Women slowly build up their sexual arousal and their orgasms can be a long lasting full body experience. A nice long slow sensual simmer is the key to giving a woman a mind blowing experience, unless she tells you otherwise.

4) Attention:

Give her your attention. There's more to her than her pussy and there's more to you than your mouth, tongue and nose. Having her pussy eaten is a sensory experience for women. She also needs to receive attention from your hands, eyes, and voice. Put a lot of passion into eating her out and stimulate all her senses. Let her feel you worshiping every inch of her body, let her hear you tell her how much you desire her, let her see how much you enjoy eating her out. Make sure she understands that the entire night is devoted to her pleasure.

Pay attention. Don't assume you know what she wants and how she wants it. Different women respond differently to different stimuli and they respond differently during different times of the month. So you need to pay very close attention to her verbal and nonverbal feedback. Pay attention to how she reacts to various stimuli and adjust your technique accordingly.

5) Ask:

The word "Communication" would better describe this element, but the word "Ask" better fits the mnemonic aid I'm using.

A lot of men fear that if he asks a woman for guidance, it's an indication the he doesn't know what he's doing. On the contrary, if he's doing everything else right, then he's already demonstrated that he knows what he's doing and she'll be more than satisfied. I'm not suggesting an interrogation. Ask in a sexy and sensual way. For example, when you're taking a breath of air and with your lips pressed against her flesh, mumble something like "Oh my god," (pause to taste her) "you are so beautiful" (pause to taste her) "and I love eating you out." (pause to taste her) "I wanna know" (pause to taste her) "what you like most."

There should be continual communication at all times. I don’t mean constant talking, she'll think you never shut up. Besides, you're tongue should be busy elsewhere. I mean using nonverbal communication as well. Communication works in conjunction with attention as described above. Your eyes, hands, words, sounds and movements communicate how desirable she is and express how passionately you enjoy eating her out. Her eyes, hands, words, sounds and movements communicate her pleasure, likes and dislikes. Pay very close attention to what she's communicating to you.

6) Again:

Since women are generally capable of experiencing many more orgasms than men, my philosophy is: she should be serviced first, last and several times in between. By the way, no double standards allowed! You're turned on when she tastes herself...right? Sometimes you might have to taste yourself. Get over it! When you're servicing a woman, it's all about her satisfaction.

If your jaw hasn't fallen off yet and she wants another go-around, then there's only one thing you should be doing. If she achieved orgasm quickly and easily through clitoral stimulation then it might be a good idea to focus on that same trigger, just change the position or technique a bit to keep it new and exciting. But if she's received a lot of clitoral stimulation, her little bud might need a break. If that's the case then you should attend to another sweet spot while her bundle of nerves recovers.

We guys like to keep count of the number of times we make our girl cum, it's an ego thing. Bringing her to orgasm multiple times in one night feels so empowering. However, a lot of women don't really care about the quantity of their orgasms, it's the quality that matters most. And she may prefer one huge inferno rather than a lot of little exposions. Remember: The evening is about her satisfaction, not inflating your ego. It's up to her to decide how many orgasms she wants to experience. Communication continues to be a key element here.

7) The Seventh A:

The seventh A is mind blowing in it's self and practically guarantees that I'll earn future invitations to dine on her pussy again and again. There's only one gender I share this with and there's only one way for her to discover it.

And it has nothing to do with ass or anal, but I guarantee, it has something to do enhancing her sensory experience.

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